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Hello everyone!!!

My name is Harold Wong and I am an IT Pro Evangelist out of Phoenix, Arizona.  I'm sure some of you are asking "What in the world does an IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft do???"  If you asked that question, you are definitely not the first one to do so.  I will do my best to answer that question.

I get to talk to IT Professionals about Microsoft technologies such as Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Exchange Server 2010, Office Communications Server 2007 R2, etc.  My goal is not to make sales, but to get the word out about how IT Pros can use Microsoft technologies to solve problems.  Sometimes this means basic education on what a given Microsoft technology can or cannot do.  Other times, it is a matter of explaining how to deploy the Microsoft technology.  Either way, my "customer" is any IT Professional who wants to know more about Microsoft technologies.  I am also involved in the IT Pro Community and would love to see that grow.  I happen to be part of a team that covers the West Region of the United States, but do focus on Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada, Southern California and Hawaii.

Although I need to be conversant on most of the Infrastructure server products from Microsoft and the client (Windows 7), I have flexibility to pursue my passion around Unified Communications.  I stay up to date on all our core infrastructure servers, but I tend to spend a little more time (during work hours and on my own time) to have an even deeper understanding of our UC technologies (Exchange and Office Communications Server).  To that end, I plan on sharing my experiences with the latest UC technologies along the way.

Even though I am a major Geek, I do also have another passion - cooking and eating.  Every once in a while, I may inject a post or two about this other passion of mine - like some great sushi I found while out of town.  🙂

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Harold Wong

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