Exchange 2010 Deployment Assistant Wizard updated

This is pretty nice update since it is adding in updates for coexistence and cloud hybrid and cloud only scenarios if you looking at our cloud offering for Exchange Online. Here is a checklist for moving to the Office 365’s Exchange Online: Updated Coexistence checklist for deploying Exchange 2010 with both Exchange 2003 and Exchange…


New Exchange 2010 installation guide templates

I get asked if we have any step by step Exchange 2010 deployment templates/documents quite often. The nice part about these guides are they are in Word format so you can build your own production build out documentation for your Exchange 2010 deployment.    Grab the newly released step by step install docs for Exchange…


New Exchange Server 2010 Deployment Assistant scenarios released today

This is a nice update to the Deployment Assistant where you can walkthrough different coexistence scenarios. Visit the updated page here. Provides a nice checklist for you to follow during your Exchange 2010 deployment You can even export the deployment scenario to PDF for offline viewing/printing:


Where can I grab some OCS 2007 R2 Deployment and Administration Guides?

This is a pretty common question I get from customers.  Here are some great R2 guides/documents in Word format or all the 38 R2 guides/documents listed below combined into ONE CHM format file (great for quick R2 reference searches).  Very useful for OCS administrators, etc.   Download either format here.   Here is a list…


R2 Edge planning tool just released

This is a very nice tool as it will help layout your OCS R2 Edge environment: You can enter all your IP information via the wizard and it provides a nice Edge summary at the end:   Along with Firewall rules: Certificate needs: DNS needs: and how to configure for OCS R2 within the console…


Where should I place my Exchange UM server?

This is a common question I get since your PBX may not be in the same place as your mailbox servers.   Where do I put the Exchange UM components if I have a PBX in one location and an Exchange mailbox in another?   The typical rule of thumb to follow is: Place your…


What do I need to prepare for to deploy OCS R2?

With R2 on the horizon (Feb. 3rd), I figured you should know about some of the things to prepare for deploying R2.   Run the OCS Best Practice Analyzer If you have OCS 2007 today, you should run the OCS BPA to get a snapshot of your OCS environment.  Fix any issues identified prior to…