Two UC Amigos moving to a new Cloud blog

In case you haven’t noticed, the posts here have slowed down a bit. This is due to Greg and I have moved to the Office 365 for Education team this year. 

Bill has two new Amigos that can help contribute to this UC Three Amigos blog so stay tuned. I may also cross post some relevant UC topics occasionally.

It has been a great time posting to the UC Three Amigos blog and working with the community here! I looked at the stats and we had over 300,000 unique visits in the past three years from places including the Vatican and over 60 countries around the world. Some countries I have never even heard of!! Wow. We have also been referenced in Networkworld and other techie news sites. Cool stuff!  Thanks for the great comments and feedback from around the world! Its been a great ride. 

See you over on our new blog as of today:

Education in the Cloud

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