Are there specific PBX or SIP gateway configuration technotes for Exchange 2010 UM?

A university moving away from Modular Messaging to Exchange 2010 UM wanted to know.  Yes, the Exchange team has posted all of the Exchange 2010 UM validated PBXes and SIP gateways config notes here. These technotes have detailed config information for NEC, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, and many others.   Excerpts from the Exchange 2010…


Is there additional end user training for Lync available?

Yes, Bill found some additional end user self paced training for Lync. Here is the course agenda: Getting Started with Lync 2010 Introduction Exploring Lync 2010 Adding Contacts Collaborate with Contacts Transfer and Forward Calls Customizing Lync 2010 Customizing Lync 2010 and Adding Contacts Self Test Scheduling Meetings Introduction Scheduling an Online Meeting Start an…


Lync and SQL 2008 R2–Now Supported

  The Lync Server product team has completed testing of Lync Server 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2. The product now fully supports SQL Server 2008 R2 on all Lync Server monitoring, archiving, and front-end server databases. At this time, SQL Server 2008 R2 is not supported for group chat databases. The Lync Server 2010…


How do you schedule Lync meetings without Outlook?

You couldn’t until today. Now you can grab the Lync Server 2010 Web Scheduler. Here is what the Lync Web Scheduler can do: Scheduling a new online Lync meeting. Listing all existing Lync Server 2010 meetings that the user has organized. Viewing and modifying details of an existing meeting. Deleting an existing meeting. Sending an…


Can Lync IM federate with Google Talk or Jabber instant messaging?

This was asked by a few universities. The answer is yes using our Microsoft XMPP gateway.   Where do I grab the XMPP gateway? It is free here and there is also an updated fix to the XMPP gateway here. Some more XMPP config information here . It says it is for OCS R2 does…


Exchange 2010 SP1 Unified Messaging

As discussed with a lot of my customers Exchange UM no longer uses System Center (SCOM). Exchange 2010 with SP1 now has built-in reporting. Call Data Records (CDR) are generated after each call. The server collects audio quality metrics with the same metrics that are used for the Monitoring server for Lync. Once the audio…


OK So I have multiple Datacenters and I want Site Resiliency

  A common question for multi-datacenter deployments is how can we configure a DAG where failure will enable a DAG member locally vs. the other datacenter. This requires DAC mode. DAC or Datacenter Activation Mode is a property of the DAG that can be turned on or off and is disabled by default. In Exchange…


Lync Cumulative Update 2 – April 2011 is available for download

CU2 update for Lync clients, phones, and servers available: Lync 2010 (64bit) 2496325 Lync 2010 (32bit) 2496325 Lync 2010 Phone Edition (Tanjay) 2529974 Lync 2010 Phone Edition (Aries-Aastra) 2529978 Lync 2010 Phone Edition (Aries-Polycom) 2529977 Lync 2010 Attendee (Admin Install) 2500438 Lync 2010 Attendee (User mode install) 2500440 Lync 2010 Attendant (32 & 64 bit…


New Lync optimized headsets available from Microsoft

These are our first Microsoft headsets certified for Lync:   LX-4000  USB wired headset – single cup for ear   LX-6000 USB wired headset – dual cup for ears   For more on the headsets visit here For more on Lync Optimized devices visit here


Lync Instructor-Led Training

  Attend one of our FREE instructor-led sessions to learn firsthand how easy it is to get started successfully with Microsoft Lync! Highly interactive, virtual classroom setting. Watch demonstrations and participate in hands-on activities! Many sessions are held several times per week. 30-60 minute sessions focus on real-life meeting scenarios. Live Instructor-Led Training Courses Click…