Where is the Lync end user training material?

I get asked this question from several of my education customers who are in the process of deploying Lync or are piloting Lync.  I found some nice resources to help here:


Lync 2010 Quick Start Guides

The Lync quick start guides has eight different quick start end user training topics and can be put on a local computer for reference or hosted on an internal website for end users to view in their browsers. Grab them here.


Has some nice end user quick start guidance in HTML format which can also be converted to Word:



Microsoft Lync 2010 Training Decks

This download has seven training PowerPoint decks for internal instructor led end user training or downloadable self-paced end user training. Grab it here.

Simple end user training slides to leverage:


Seven different end user training decks available:



Lync Adoption and Training - Awareness Resources

Looking for end user sign up form templates, posters, t-shirts or email templates to help evangelize and communicate effectively during your Lync rollout? There is a Lync Adoption and Training kit you can download here.


Posters you could post around campus, etc:



Lync 2010 Work Smart Guides

The Lync Work Smart guides provide end users useful tips to leverage Lync on a daily basis. You can either convert the HTML files to Word format for end user distribution or post on an Intranet site. Grab them here.



All in one download

You can download all the end user Lync training listed above in addition to What’s new and short training videos in one file. Grab it here.

The What’s New is for OCS R2 users moving to Lync training:


What’s New videos are simple and effective:


Short Lync end user ‘How to’ videos are also effective:


Here is all you get with the All in One download:



Other end user Lync training

There is also some free self-paced web training available for end users around ‘Introducing Lync’ and ‘Best practices for Lync conferencing’ here.

Additional end user resources can be found on Technet here.

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