Server Virtualization for Lync

I learned something today about Lync virtualization. We recommend an 8 CPU core (Enterprise class CPU) hardware profile for a physical Lync Server. However, Hyper-V supports a maximum of 4 virtualized CPU core. Due to this resource constraint, a virtualized Lync Server role can handle approximately 50% of the load compared to a physical server running Lync Server and using the recommended hardware specifications.

In addition, a 10% virtualization overhead is deducted.To find out more check out the whitepaper here.

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  1. from says:

    however these are recommended stats. In many cases you will have ocs FE server running for 1K users, so it is fully enough with 2 vCPU un 4GB of RAM.

  2. soder says:

    Re: From

    fully agree. Those sizing numbers are for US mammoth companies with 100.000s of users. In Europe if we have 1000 users, it is considered to be a huuuge customer deployment, and great sales achivement.

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