Mac Communicator 2011 Deployment Guide released

Mac Office 2011 general availability is slated for the end of the month. With this release comes the anticipated Mac Communicator 2011 which works with both OCS 2007 R2 and Lync Server 2010.  For a glimpse of the Mac features view my other post here. A new Mac Communicator 2011 deployment guide was released and you can grab it here. It has some nice configuration and customization features documented.


I also get asked what are the minimum Mac requirements for Communicator for Mac 2011 to work. I finally found that documented here:


System requirements for Communicator for Mac 2011


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  1. markga says:


    Did you add the prereq entries to the Plist:

    To add a new preference, in the /Library/Preferences/MicrosoftCommunicatorRegistrationDB.plist

    file, use the following syntax:

    hkey_local_machinesoftwarepoliciesmicrosoftcommunicator<preferencename>. Use all

    lowercase letters for the preference entry. Before you add a new preference in the file, you must

    create the following default preference entries with the specified values in this .plist file:

    Preference Value

    Backward_Compatible_Version 1

    Current_Version 1

    hkey_local_machinesoftwarepoliciesmicrosoftcommunicator <<MacRegNoValue>>

  2. markga says:


    Sorry I haven't tested Jabra or Plantronics with the Mac Communicator since I don't own a Mac. The best bet is to ping them directly.

  3. markga says:


    It may be a problem since you are the second to report this. Do you have the latest attendant console for R2? Check for the latest version here:…/ee695846.aspx

    Make sure you have the 13.1 update for Mac Communicator 2011 as well.

  4. markga says:

    Which flavor of the attendant console R2 or Lync RC?

  5. Adam Jacobs says:

    Have you got a sample copy of your MicrosoftCommunicatorRegistrationDB.plist, I can't get the settings to be picked up for love nor money!

    I'm putting it in the /Library/Preferences folder (which should override any other settings)



  6. Adam Jacobs says:

    Followed to a T, yes. It might be because I am running Lync?


  7. Communicator For Mac 2011 having problem IM-g to Attendant console says:

    When Communicator For Mac 2011 sends IM message, Attendant Console shows only contact name with time stamp and NO TEXT. IM communication from Attendant to Communicator For Mac 2011 works fine.

  8. Gareth Celand says:

    we are havign the same problem with the Attendant console not showing text. It is the Attendant Console for 2007 R2. any Help much appreciated.

  9. Jay Barrett says:

    Quick question for ya, we have the Mac Communicator working great in our system, which is currently OCS 2007 R2 backend, but the really intriguing question is, has anyone gotten any of the major Jabra or Plantronics Headsets to work with the client, including bluetooth based headsets?


  10. Martin Bergstrom says:

    @Adam Jacobs

    Did you manage to deploy the settings?

    I'm having the same issue, the settings I put in /Library/Preferences seems to be ignored and Communicator is instead creating a setting for the local computer in ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost

  11. Dan Lee says:

    @Martin Bergstrom

    @Adam Jacobs


    I'm running into the exact same issue as you are with Communicator 13.1

  12. AnnP says:

    @Jay Barrett – the Plantronics Savi 430 works with ocs and the mac. You need to plug the dongle in, adjust your input and output in sounds and then launch OCS – If Communicator is running prior to connecting the dongle, it will not work.

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