Interop with Windows Messenger

One of the presentations at Teched went over this and I haven’t seen anyone mention this but it will be a big deal in education. Since many of our customers are already introducing Live@edu for students with respect to email and Exchange 2010 this inclusion in Windows Live Messenger provides us with some very interesting scenarios. We are doing interop testing now with CS14 and WLM for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) audio and video communications.



The media federation doesn’t require any additional licensing and can be accomplished with the OCS Standard CAL. This would allow on-premise CS14 (Staff/Faculty) to integrate with students that are using Windows Live Messenger (NextGen). As soon as we have more information on this I’ll let you know but definitely exciting times!!! These calls will be limited to unencrypted Peer to Peer Calls. There won’t be support for CCCP which we are working with our 3rd party Audio/Video partners to integrate with CS14.

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  1. m says:

    What happens if the onsite OCS sip addresses are the same domain as the live@edu LiveID domains (say with email we use an MTA to split incoming mail between our onsite and live@edu system (so-called split namespace scenario) i haven't seen any way to solve this for IM, everything relies on staff and students using slightly different domains ( onsite and on live@edu).

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