RCC and CS 14

Jamie Stark recently posted that RCC will be included in the CS 14 release not only for existing customers but also for new ones.


“As an aside, I should explain that our decision to support “Click-to-call” for new customers in CS “14” is a change from previous plans. Until recently, we planned only to support “Click-to-call” for existing RCC customers. We made the change for several reasons, including some great work we’ve been able to accomplish on the updated management experience that will be an integrated part of CS “14”, being able to pull broader Click-to-Call support along with many more small but important enhancements into the release. The most important reason, though, is that we want to give those customers who, for whatever reason, require desktop control of existing phones, a better option than adding software from a PBX maker, like Cisco’s CUCIMOC, on every user desktop. This blog post about CUCIMOC outlines general issues to consider with plug-in offers; we think our “Click to call” functionality is better not only because of the reasons in that blog post, but also because our “Click to call” functionality works with nearly every PBX and IP-PBX model and version you own, not just those from whichever vendor is promoting their software bolt-on. With our “Click to call”, you provide a consistent user interface and can easily move users to Communications Server voice in the future without re-training users or re-imaging desktops.”

For more from Jamie please visit this post.

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  1. m says:

    A *very* wise move, I can't speak for others but seeing RCC become "deprecated" (which is essentially what you were saying before) would have put a huge downer on our RCC pilot and stopped us going futher with OCS integration, probably falling back to our PBX's vendors solution.

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