Communications Server Conference this summer June 15-16th in Boulder, CO

If you are looking to get a deeper dive on Microsoft’s UC stack, Tom Cross has put together a unique Microsoft Communications Server Expo/Conference this Summer in Boulder, Co. Read more below:


"MCS-Microsoft Communications Server Moving into Mainstream" Conference & Expo – June 15-16 - Boulder

Get Communications Server smart - Migration-Survivability-Reliability - Microsoft CS Migration - From Start to Finish

Full-program discounts for .edu, nonprofit, .gov, Gold, SIP Forum and others until June 1.

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An independent view of Microsoft Communications Server, Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.  NOTE: Microsoft has deleted the term Office and now refers the product as Microsoft Communications Server 14 which is why it is called MCS.  Microsoft may make further name changes. Some companies may refer to the product as OCS-Office Communications Server or MCS.

MCS Forum Expo Speaker Presentations Expanded to include:

- Security, Management and Compliance for OCS

- "Managing Migration Madness" - Migration-Survivability-Reliability - Microsoft MCS Migration - from start to finish

- MCS & QoS - "Irrational Exuberance" - Myth versus Reality - - MCS platform is not QoS-Ready - Understanding the Myth of QoS in today's network

- MCS from Past to Presence

- MCS/SIP-Session Initiation Protocol Network Architectures - Trunking - Benefits of SIP Trunking,  Routing - Benefits of SIP Routing, Proxy Peering Networks - Benefits of SIP Proxy Peering Networks

- Exchange 2010 UM and OCS integration

- A Microsoft presenter on OCS/CS14 (either Mark Garcia or a special Microsoft guest) + Architecture whiteboarding/deep dive sessions around OCS 2007 R2/CS14

Here's some of the great MCS solutions presenting at MCS Forum Expo: 

- Fontel

- 911ETC

- Novus

- Uncommon Solutions

- FaceTime

- Gold Systems


- Aastra

- GreenAppx

- FaxCore

- 911 Enable

- AudioCodes

- snom, and others.


To sign up for the Communications Server conference visit here.

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