New Exchange 2010 installation guide templates

I get asked if we have any step by step Exchange 2010 deployment templates/documents quite often. The nice part about these guides are they are in Word format so you can build your own production build out documentation for your Exchange 2010 deployment. 


Grab the newly released step by step install docs for Exchange 2010 here.


Here is a sample of the type of Step by Step from the DAG Installation Word template:

Database Availability Group Network Configuration

1. Launch the Exchange Management Shell with an account that has been delegated the Organization Management role.

2. When the Windows Failover Cluster is formed it will create a cluster-managed network for each subnet detected within the failover cluster. When the DAG is formed, the initial DAG network configuration is based on the enumeration of the cluster networks. If the DAG will span subnets, the recommendation is to collapse the DAG networks into a single MAPI network and a single replication network. You can do this by adding the additional subnets to the appropriate DAG networks and deleting unused networks. For example, consider the following environment:


· Two Active Directory sites: Exchange-1 and Exchange-2

DAG Members

· DAG members MBX-1 and MBX-2 located in Exchange-1

· DAG members MBX-3 and MBX-4 located in Exchange-2

MAPI Networks

· MBX-1 and MBX-2 have MAPI networks on

· MBX-3 and MBX-4 have MAPI networks on

Replication Networks

· MBX-1 and MBX-2 have replication networks on

· MBX-3 and MBX-4 have replication networks on

The database availability group networks are configured as follows:







3. To collapse these networks, run the following commands.

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork <DAGName>\DAGNetwork01 -Subnets, Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork <DAGName>\DAGNetwork02 -Subnets, Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork <DAGName>\DAGNetwork03 Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork <DAGName>\DAGNetwork04

4. To rename the networks according to their behavior, run the following commands.

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork <DAGName>\DAGNetwork01 -Name MAPINetwork Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork <DAGName>\DAGNetwork02 -Name ReplicationNetwork

5. If both MAPI and replication networks are deployed, run the following command to enable replication and seeding traffic on the replication network (unless it is unavailable).

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork <DAGName\MAPINetworkName> –ReplicationEnabled $false

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  1. JAG says:

    Suppose let say if we have single NIC card having only DAG Network 1 and DAG Network 3 then still do we need to collapse into single DAG Network as DAG Network 1 having both the subnets and with both Mapi and replication enabled

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