How can I prevent students from IMing executive management?

This was a question from a school district in Illinois. They wanted to prevent the students, hosted in OCS, from finding management via a search in OCS and accidently IMing/video chatting with them.


There is an ethical wall sample script written for OCS 2007 that still works with OCS 2007 R2 and is based on OU membership. You would essentially place your upper management accounts, etc in one OU and students in another OU to provide isolation in OCS:

There are also more robust 3rd party ethical wall add-ons for OCS from FaceTime, Akonix & Symantec that provide this functionality as well.

Comments (2)

  1. markga says:


    It provides basic isolation based on which OU you belong to and it will hide users if you are not a part of that OU. I am not familar with the latest HMC 4.5 hosted offering so I cannot say what you will lose from an isolation perspective.

  2. mslin says:

    Hi markga:

    If we install the  ethical wall sample script in our ocs 2007, we can limit the user to IM or VOIP or search all user base on different Organizational Units, right?

    If that script can do that, we don’t need to use the HMC 4.5 to limit the the user to IM or VOIP or search all user, right?

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