But I don’t want everyone to see my presence

  You don’t have to. In Lync we have the option of setting the enhanced privacy mode where only people in your contact list can see your presence. To do this you have to change the CSPrivacyOption by set-CsPrivacyConfiguration – EnablePrivacyMode $True. It’s important to note that these settings are not honored by earlier client…


What are all of the Lync IP phones available to me?

This was a question from a school district in Colorado looking to retire Avaya and replace with Lync Server 2010. (screenshots from Lync product team) I found this great new matrix available listing all of our Lync optimized or Communications ready IP phones: For a list of all Lync optimized IP phones, headsets, USB phones,…


Can you provide more details around whether or not I need to deploy a Survivable Branch Appliance for my Lync deployment?

This question was asked by a college based out of Florida looking to deploy Lync for their 1500 faculty and staff.  They had redundant WAN links and wanted to determine what a SBA provides. Screenshots from Lync product team. If I have redundant WAN links, what benefits does a SBA provide for my branch offices?…


Some great new Lync 2010 content available

The Lync product team came out with my favorite protocol style of poster for Lync Server 2010. Perfect for your cube or wall!. Check out some snips from it below: View or grab poster with zoom it or download it There is also the new Lync Server 2010 Tech Center on TechNet. Grab the new…


New F5 load balancer deployment guide available for Lync Server 2010

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 requires either full hardware load balancers to be leveraged for a redundant production rollout or leverage  the new option which is a combination of hardware load balancers for DCOM and web traffic combined with DNS load balancing for the remaining Lync traffic. See Greg’s post here for more on using DNS…


How does Lync handle Section 508 compliance?

I get asked this quite often. The answer is Lync 2010 and Lync Server 2010 both have 508 VPATs available here.   A couple of examples shown below: Support for high contrast Lync voice also allows for TTY users. For more on the accessibility features see the Lync  product team’s blog post here.


In-band provisioning

One of my customers recently asked me about group policies and Office Communicator. With Lync 2010 these traditional group policy settings are now accomplished via in-band provisioning or server-based client policies. Keep in mind there are still some group policy settings that are still required for bootstrapping but beyond that we have moved to server-side…