Is there a single page I can check to ensure I have the latest OCS 2007 R2 updates for server, client, and phone?

Yes, the OCS product team has just released this very page here


There are October updates for your Tanjay phone, OCS R2 server, Live Meeting and Communicator client.  Please update if you haven’t already done so as there are some nice server and client fixes for voice, video, conferences, etc.

There is also a updated cumulative installer you can run on the OCS R2 servers that will check and apply the latest updates based on role, etc. Grab it here.

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  1. iamme says:

    What about OCS 2007 (non-R2).  I don’t see any updates for that.

  2. Do you know if it is possible to get as RSS feed on this page?

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