Get some free Exchange 2010 training and chapters while it lasts

Now that we have RTMed Exchange 2010 – where can I get some training?

Well, if you act now you can use the free Exchange Server 2010 e-Learning Clinics for a limited time:

Learn about the new unified messaging features, effective deployment scenarios, development platform options, and more.


Take a look at some chapters from the upcoming successful book series: ‘Exchange 2010 Pocket Consultan’t chapters:

Microsoft prePress chapters

Microsoft prePress is early content, straight from the source. What makes it "prePress"? Each draft chapter comes fresh from the minds and laptops of our respected authors, before we have edited and debugged the content. Microsoft prePress chapters are a great way to get cutting-edge information right now, just when you need it!

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant
By William R. Stanek
Download free Microsoft prePress chapters of this Microsoft Press book to get an introduction to Exchange Server 2010 administration. These chapters can help you get up to speed quickly, and they are an excellent reference to have on hand as you work.

Chapter 1: Exchange Server Administration Overview, and Chapter 6: Mailbox Administration

Download PDF file (903 KB)

Download XPS file (10.3 MB)


View the Exchange 2010 launch here:

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  1. Mike Merker says:

    Looks like clinic 6899 is really clinics 6900 and 6901.  When you sign up for 6899, 6900 and 6901 show up in the learning subscriptions.

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