There is an app for it

Mark found this the other day.  I’ve got screenshots now. If you have CWA installed all you need to do is download and install the client. From a company called Modality Systems. Check more here.

Contact Info Contact List Conversation Settings Status

I have some customers testing now. They are able to find contacts in OCS, can do Multiple IM conversations at once (see middle screen), you can also manage your presence status and control multiple channels of communications. Nice to see other clients for OCS.

Comments (3)

  1. GregK says:

    Thanks Matt for the great info. Let us know how this progresses.

  2. Matt Dixon says:

    We have been testing iDialog and it is working well. The only problem we have found is that it will not allow a user to logon if their password exceeds sixteen characters. Most of our users have long passphrases. So until this limitation is lifted, we can’t recommend this application to our users. We have escalated the issue to the developer – so hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  3. LloydH1 says:

    doesn’t work very well with ISA though…

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