Latest Communicator Windows Mobile client available 3.5.6906.28

You can surf it from your Windows Mobile phone at


Some new features of the latest CoMo client:


Windows Mobile 6.5+ today screen integration:



Faster login:


With Windows Mobile 6.5+, there is a ‘Call via Work’ feature on the Phone Dialer to hide your cell phone number with Single Number Reach where OCS will call the number in your contact list and call you back using your corporate number (e.g. they will see ‘Microsoft Corporation’ calling them vs. my private cell number).



The number one feature I love in this release. ‘Join Conference’ to join an OCS audio conference right from your meeting request! This new feature is worth the upgrade alone:



Auto answer for OCS callbacks:


Other fixes:

Communicator Mobile 2007 R2 now recognizes when the phone is roaming, and by default does not sign in to roaming networks.

Comments (3)

  1. markga says:

    Mr. Wallis,

    I hear you as customers are asking for this. As of now, there are only 3rd party CoMo options for iPhone. Not aware of any Apple deals.

  2. mrwallis says:

    This sounds great, but does anybody know if there will be a (Microsoft written) iPhone client anytime soon? Either as part of licensing deal with Apple as Exchange Active Sync was, or just some sort of agreement that an OCS client from MS would make it through the AppStore approval?

  3. Octavian says:

    Here you find the iPhone client for OCS

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