Licensing Change for OCS R2

When we launched OCS R2 in Feb. the licensing for the product changed. Let’s talk about the client license first. OCS Standard CAL now includes Group Chat. OCS Enterprise CAL now includes desktop sharing, dial-in conferencing, Team Call, Delegation, Response Group and Single Number Reach.




We are changing the requirement for CAL as stated in the PUR.

You do not need CALs for unauthenticated access to your instances of the server software. Authenticated (direct or indirect) through Active Directory access requires CALs.


–CAL required for internal users. CAL not required for external users.

–External Connectors are largely unnecessary



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As far as Server licenses are concerned we’ve made a few changes here as well. OCS Standard Server can be used for small pilots or small environments. When we use Enterprise Server we are looking for scale and high availability. In OCS R2 we now have 12 Server Roles. To reduce the complexity of deployment of these servers we only require licensing the Front-End Servers and the Edge Server Roles. So if you have a single Pool with two FE servers and 2 Edge Servers you would need 4 licenses. Regardless if you had other server roles deployed. The following Servers are considered additional software and don’t require licenses as long as the FE and Edge are licensed. They are:

  • CWA, Web Components
  • Archiving
  • Mediation
  • Director
  • Monitoring

Hopefully this reduces confusion in licensing of OCS and we can work on deployment. 🙂

Comments (4)

  1. GregK says:

    Matt – Group Chat would be covered as additional software as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When we launched OCS R2 in Feb. the licensing for the product changed. Let’s talk about the client license

  3. MattD24 says:

    If we purchase 2 Front-End and 2 Edge OCS 2007 Enterprise server licenses, would having a separate Group Chat server also be covered under those licenses? Thanks.

  4. swapnil says:

    We have got 3 Enterprise license.

    How Many roles can be installed for Single License?

    Also one license can be distributed among other boxes for any role ?

    Also if we use VIrtual Environment then How many roles can be deployed on VIrtual Environment?

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