More R2 whitepaper and article goodness

Since the launch we have had plenty of good R2 info coming in. Here is just sample:


‘Time to Ebay the PBX’ NetworkWorld Podcast and article

I also thought this was a great Podcast interview of Terry Gold, founder of Gold Systems, from Mitchell Ashley at NetworkWorld. The interview was about Gold’s internal OCS R2 deployment. We have used Gold as a voice partner with several education OCS/UM rollouts and some large Fortune 500 companies.

What I found most interesting is how much Gold is planning on saving per month ($5k+) for 100 users by moving to R2.  Their goal is to retire their PBX, 3rd party conferencing, T1 voice and long distance lines with our OCS R2 SIP Trunking, etc within 3 months.

Here is the Podcast.

Here is the article.


$214 million saved annually per year at Microsoft with our UC platform

Another good read is our internal 3 year 240% ROI study based on what we have saved with our UC platform by deploying OCS R2 enterprise voice to 40,000 users (no PBX) and Exchange voicemail to 75,000 users

Here is the study.


University of Kentucky OCS R2 Case Study

The team at University of Kentucky is really getting some great OCS 2007 benefits on their campus. Here.


Forester study on the Total Economic Impact study of our Microsoft UC platform:

Here is the Forester study showing the huge savings on travel, telephony costs, productivity, voicemail, etc.  Note: The data used in the ROI calculation is non-education pricing so the ROI would be even higher in education.


Here are some useful March 2009 R2 whitepapers:

Office Communications Server: What’s New in Office Communications Server 2007 R2

Office Communications Server 2007 R2 introduces not only a number of brand-new features, it also delivers some significant enhancements to existing functionality. Here’s an overview of some of the most important new features and functions you’ll find in this latest release. Stephanie Pierce

Office Communications Server: How Remote Call Control Powers OCS 2007 R2

The Remote Call Control capabilities in OCS can be used to extend your R2 deployment to legacy devices. Find out how to configure Remote Call Control to provide rich OCS capabilities in an environment with a PBX system. Rajesh Ramanathan

Office Communications Server: Securing OCS with ISA Server

To securely extend your OCS 2007 infrastructure to remote users and organizations, you need to deploy one or more Edge Servers and provide reverse proxy access to these servers. Here’s what you need to know to use and configure ISA Server 2006 as a reverse proxy for your OCS deployment. Alan Maddison

Office Communications Server: Managing OCS 2007 R2 from the Command Line

Though you can configure Office Communications Server using wizards, there are times it makes sense to work from the command line. Explore the LCSCmd command-line tool and see how you can use it to set up OCS 2007 R2. Greg Stemp and Jean Ross

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    Since the launch we have had plenty of good R2 info coming in. Here is just sample:   ‘Time to Ebay

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