Exchange UM questions

These are a set of voicemail questions coming from a university in Chicago:

Does a call made from the UM server through PBX have the originators number as the caller (play on phone option)?

For Play on Phone, it depends on which number you pick. For example, in our case we also have OCS voice as our primary voice therefore it defaults to my SIP URI for Play on Phone and I basically call myself with my Caller-ID. If I pick my cell, for Play on phone, however it shows the Outlook Voice Access pilot number calling me.



Can I get a list of vendors offering an MWI application with Exchange integration?

Two main vendors I have seen used for lighting the red lamp: Geomant and Enabling Technologies.

I have also seen universities write their own MWI solution using Exchange Web Services.  Typically, what I have seen during Exchange UM pilots is the value of the little red light on the phone gets greatly diminished since you are getting voicemails directly in your inbox.


What happens when multiple people have the same extension in Exchange? Does it create a auto-menu of sorts?

You do need a unique extension and a unique SIP URI in order receive an Exchange voicemail. It will not let you provision additional UM users with the same extension.


I have seen where you can have a single voicemail mailbox for multiple users or you can use an autoattendant and then have subtrees for each user.


Can I get some documents on system architecture and menu administration (phone tree)?

OVA phone tree is here.

UM system architecture here.


Does it do time of day menus?

Yes, you can have different autoattendants based on business hours, non-business hours, and holidays. More here and here.



Can you have a “Zero Option” for you voicemail (where a caller is given the option to press a number to forward to a predefined number like an assistant instead of going to voicemail?

Yes, there is a personal operator extension per user.



Is there documentation on setting up the system attendant for the tree answer hierarchy?



Here and here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These are a set of voicemail questions coming from a university in Chicago: Does a call made from the

  2. Anonymous says:

    Outlook Live screenshots: upon first glances Microsoft's Exchange 14 adds cross-browser support and

  3. benson says:

    I’m trying to understand the voicemail features provided by Exchange 2007 and how it compares with legacy voicemail systems.

    – Is it possible to have some sort of voicemail restrictions for certain users?

    – Is it possible to have voice mail boxes that are like departmental general delivery and not really belonging to an individual user? If so, how can it be done?

    – Is there any document or help to understand how to setup different voicemail classes of services?

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