R2 customer questions

Here are some questions I received from a school district in Hawaii. Aloha! and a university in Ft. Collins, Colorado:

Is a Director server required for R2?

A Director is not required but recommended – for most school sizes I have seen they typically don’t deploy a Director.

What does ISA 2006 reverse proxy publish with R2?:

  • To enable external users to download meeting content for your meetings.

  • To enable external users to expand distribution groups.

  • To enable remote users to download files from the Address Book Service.

  • To enable external devices to connect to Device Update Service and obtain updates

What Communicator clients can coexist with R2?

LCS 2005 SP1 client – can connect if the users is in an R2 pool

R1 (RTM) Communicator client can connect if the users is an R2 pool.

Communicator R2 client can connect to an R1 pool.

With a consolidated Edge in R2 do I need multiple NICs?

You don’t need multiple nics for each Edge role in a consolidated scenario but it is recommended to have a NIC for external traffic and one NIC for internal traffic.  The only requirement is a unique IP and unique A record for each role. The public facing IP requirement for A/V Edge has been removed as well when using consolidated Edge.

What is the largest size an R2 response group can be?

A response group is targeted at small departmental ACDs around the size of 20 to 25 users. Most schools I talk to this is their average size.

For larger needs, you may look at a partner like Aspect which provides Contact Center like functionality with OCS.

Can Communicator Mobile use Wifi or data only similar to SkyPe, etc?

I know CoMo 3.0 combines data and voice minutes typically when using Single Number Reach. In Europe, the OCS call back feature should not use any voice minutes after OCS calls you back.  As far as Wifi or Data only, this will work for IM only conversations but not for the Single Number Reach as OCS dials you back based on your cell number.

Does Group Chat console work on a Mac?

At this time it only works on a PC.

How large can I scale my conferences in R2?

I haven’t seen new performance data on this but I would imagine, since it is 64-bit now, it would be more than the 250 user soft cap in RTM. We will post once more R2 performance data becomes available.

What new R2 UC devices are there?

There are many new UC devices coming along with the R2 launch.  There is a new Tanjay device, a new Catalina device, new headsets (some starting at $44), a new candybar USB phone,  a new IP conference phone and a new conference usb speakerphone. Additionally, there are new HD cameras (720p @ 30 frames a sec). I have also heard rumors there will be a VGA Roundtable.

If you missed the R2 launch event you can still watch it here.

In my next blog post, I will talk about migration strategies to R2.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here are some questions I received from a school district in Hawaii. Aloha! and a university in Ft. Collins

  2. markga says:


    Obviously we hear this feedback from our higher ed and K12 customers and I send it up the chain to our product team. The challenge is this isn’t coming too much from the Enterprise space (PCs mostly) so we are the vocal minority.

    The good news is we are improving OCS on Mac and Linux experience with Communicator Web Access. It does allow you do view PC desktop sharing from Firefox and Safari and join voice audio conferences via a number typed into the browser. I have seen Macs running either Parallels, or Bootcamp run the PC Communicator client with voice successfully and even a Tanjay UC device.

    Another interesting option that seems to help fill in the gaps here are Citrix and our own Terminal Services Web coming in Windows Server 2008 R2. This will allow full audio/video streaming via a web browser and I can see this allow the extension of OCS Enterprise voice via PC Communicator client to Linux or Mac.


  3. markga says:


    Yes, you are correct. Thanks for keeping it straight. This was based on pre-release R2 documentation back from Dec 08.

    You can deploy the R2 client first or upgrade the R2 client later after moving to an R2 pool. It doesn’t matter.

  4. mwa says:

    No group chat for mac/linux makes it a show stopper for us (the current lack of a proper Communicator for Linux is bad enough). We cant make people run windows, especially in education where academic freedom is highly prized.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Communicator R2 client cannot connect to an R1 pool.

    Sorry but this is not correct… right now I’m running exactly that setup, R2 Client connected to OCS 2007 RTM environment.. works like a charm.

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