Extending Schema for OCS R2

OCS R2 does introduce new schema classes and attributes to accommodate for some of the new roles. So a schema update is required to deploy OCS R2 regardless if you have prepped for OCS RTM or not. Here are list of the Classes that are new (this is not a full list of classes):

msRTCSIP-ApplicationServer - holds entry for SCP for UC Application Server (UCAS)
msRTCSIP-ApplicationServerService - class provides an association from a specific pool to its application server
msRTCSIP-ApplicationServerSettings - aux class to msRTCSIP-Application Server holds attributes for application servers
msRTCSIP-ConferenceDirectories - class is a container for multiple instances of conference directories and doesn't contain any attributes itself
msRTCSIP-ConferenceDirectory - this class holds attributes representing settings for a specific conference directory
msRTCSIP-DefaultCWABank - aux class holds settings for CWA bank.
msRTCSIP-LocationContactMapping - class is created by conference auto attendant (CAA) and holds attributes used to categorize conference numbers by region
msRTCSIP-LocationContactMappings - class is container for multiple contact mappings. Doesn't hold attributes itself.
msRTCSIP-MonitoringServer - class hold attributes that represent settings for a single monitor server.

These are the ones that I've seen so far. I'll publish the link to the Active Directory OCS R2 Reference document when it's published.

Keep in mind that the schema prep is run once against the schema master for each AD Forest where you plan to deploy OCS Servers. In a resource forest then run in the resource forest not the user forest. In a central forest run only on central forest not in user forest.

So for the installation it's similar to past installs with schema prep, forest prep, and domain prep. The forest prep creates global settings and universal groups that are used by OCS, and domain prep adds permissions on objects to be used by members of universal groups.

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    OCS R2 does introduce new schema classes and attributes to accommodate for some of the new roles. So

  2. markga says:

    Hi Andrei,

    I haven’t tried it but I would guess it would not be able to rollback to R1 schema as schema changes are permanent. The better route would be to see what RIM’s timelines for an R2 update are.

    I believe I have seen 3rd party Co Mobile client on RIM when I was looking for iPhone Co Mo clients.

  3. Andrei Vassiliev says:

    Hi, here is the question. We have extended AD Scheema for OCS R2, and we have fully functional OCS R@ system. Blackberry is not compatable with CWA R2, so now we need to setup additional server with CWA R1, so we need to run AD Scheema update for OCS R1. Can we do so? Can we run OCS R1 AD schema update on the top of OCS R2?

  4. Andrei Vassiliev says:

    Just sharing – Microsoft had us run “Forest Prep” from the R1 disk prior to building the R1 CWA box compatible with Blackberry. Now we have an OCS R1 CWA server in place so we can have our Blackberry users able to use the BB client, but that is the only R1 box and the rest of OCS server roles are R2, However, now BPA does not show any R2 systems at all, seems that OCS R1 AD schema update overwrote AD entries and BPA is picking up the value with no R2 as a result.

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