IBM Sametime Federation with OCS 2007 announced to today

This is some good news on the IM interop front.

Announced at VoiceCon today:

IBM and Microsoft plan to support interoperability between Sametime and OCS, commencing with Sametime version 8.0.2 and OCS 2007

  • IBM currently has a working system of OCS and Sametime in its lab
  • IBM plans to make the supported interoperability described above available in late Q4 2008
  • Both IBM and MS will make Presence and IM interoperability between Sametime 8.0.2 and OCS 2007 and higher commercially available to all interested customers, at no additional cost beyond standard licensing of Lotus Sametime and OCS respectively
  • IBM and MS have leveraged SIP/SIMPLE to establish this interoperability

In other federation news, Cisco announced SIP/SIMPLE based Interdomain Federation with LCS 2005/OCS 2007 as part of their Unified Presence 7.0 in September 2008.


Net: With OCS 2007 you can now Interdomain federate with the following IM systems:


  • Other schools/partners/vendors running OCS
  • MSN/Live
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • Cisco’s Unified Presence 7.0
  • IBM’s Sametime 8.0.2

We are working on some other IM interop scenarios to be announced at a later time.

Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is some good news on the IM interop front. Announced at VoiceCon today: IBM and Microsoft plan to

  2. markga says:

    It looks like two updates are needed from IBM Sametime in order to support OCS Federation:

    Sametime Standard 8.0.2

    Hotfix for the Sametime Gateway in 8.0.2  

  3. Leo Jacob says:


    is this already a working solution? how about for sametime and LCS only?

  4. Chandan says:

    Hi Mark

    Any updates on this interoperability? Has there been any product from MS or IBM facilitating this?

  5. Farzin Shahidi says:

    NextPlane Federation Server ( offers enterprise class federation between IBM Sametime 8.0.1 and Microsoft LCS, OCS, OCS R2, Cisco Jabber, and Google App.

    In addition, to interoperability the NextPlane Federation Server provides accurate and instantous changes of persence states as well as policies.

  6. Rakesh says:

    Can you please let me know the detail about federating OCS with IBM sametime. I do not see much information neither on MS sites nor at IBM.

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