A customer asked me yesterday about pre-staging clients with contacts. They were looking to add staff/faculty groups and contacts to Office Communicator. I knew this could be done from the OCS 2007 Resource Kit via WBEM (LCSAddContacts.wsf) but after a quick Live Search I found a MMC snap-in created by Egypt Network called OCSCM. www.ocscm.com The tool is free and in Beta but the results have been good so far. It allows you to create OCS users, assign contact list to OCS users, add/delete groups, delete OCS users, and Move OCS users from one group to another.

What I was most interested in was the ability to create groups and populate them. So I enabled a few new users in my environment to start with.


Next I installed the MMC Snap-in on my OCS Server and fired it up. The first Item on the agenda was creating new groups. I created a new group called "IT Group". I know - very original. Next I looked for Unassigned users. My new user was available as I hadn't assigned any groups to the user.


I selected Bill Hagen and assigned him to the IT Group.


I can then review the IT Group and make changes but when the address book is sync'd. abserver.exe -syncnow. I launched Office Communicator with the  below results!!


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  1. Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    OCSCM version 2 released with more than new 20 features and enhancements like

    • Create Multiple Contact Lists (so you might have different contact list for each group of users)

    • Multiple select & add users from active directory to a contact list.    

    • Add custom contacts (for federated or IM contacts)    

    • View a user’s current contact list    

    • Edit and manage contact lists then populate to assigned users on demand.

    • Select and assign group of users to use a specific contact list

    • View full users Active Directory details and sort/group by (ex: Department, Manager,..)    

    • View full OCS option for each user like archiving option, line, line server and OCS options    

    • Add single user as a contact in multiple groups in the same contact list    

    • Direct access to support forum from within the snap-in.    

    • View active directory users in two different list views (all users, OCS Enabled Users)    

    • Multiple select and delete for contacts    

    • A startup wizard to check all prerequisites with issue analysis and recommendations to resolve.    

    • Check/update the OCS default maximum contacts per user’s contact list    

    • Manage contact list separately from the users assigned to use the contact list    

    • Bulk select and enable/disable OCS access    

    • Multiple move/copy contacts from a group to another    

    • Copy a Group of contact from a contact list to another    

    • Reset application Configuration to reset all stored data and start over.    

    • Remove a contact from all assigned users without re-populate or wipe the contact list    

    • Previous releases features  

    • Search contact list for a specific contact    

    • Add user from active directory to a contact list as a contact    

    • Populate a contact list to specific user

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