What I can’t Print? The message has been protected.

Yesterday I was with a customer and we were talking about using Rights Management Protection with RMS and Windows 2008. As part of the eCAL Suite licensing package our customers have the client rights to deploy an RMS Server and provide protection for Outlook messages so with a campus agreement (with eCAL Suite)  and a…


My school has Blackberry users, can they listen to Exchange voicemails?

Yes, however you have to change the default Exchange voicemail storage compression codec from WMA format to WAV for now. I have heard Blackberry is working on changing this at some point.   What storage codec options do I have for UM voicemails? In general, UM supports three different storage compression codecs, including G.711 PCM…


I want to render OWA inside of a SharePoint webpart without having to type credentials

Here is one solution I came up for a customer:   1) Add another web site to the Exchange CAS (OWA) server such as owamoss.colotech.edu 2) Added in a second /owa vdir to the new website you just created (e.g. owamoss.colotech.edu) via Exchange command shell: New-OwaVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName "owa.moss.colotech.edu" -Name myowa2 3) Change the new /owa…


What is the Mac story on OCS?

This was a question from a Northeastern school district:   Mac Messenger 7.0 Mac Messenger 7.0 is available for a Mac user to login into either Windows Live (MSN) or OCS 2007:                    Login to either Windows Live or OCS 2007   Messenger 7.0 client is similar to OC client on PC with presence, groups,…


AOL isn’t working?

So I’ve had PIC working for a long time and now AOL doesn’t work. Nothing is wrong with MSN or Yahoo….. If your school is using Public IM Connectivity with OCS Servers, you may not be able to communicate or see presence of AOL users. AOL changed their root certificate. You can obtain the new…


Quick PodCast from VoiceCon

One of our partners Enabling Technologies was interviewed at VoiceCon by Blair Pleasant of CommFusion and UCStragegies.com. Bill Vollerthum and Christian Stegh of Enabling Technologies discuss unified communications, unified messaging and industry innovations on this podcast.


Some more R2 Goodness

Voicemail Integration. Some other great features involve the integration with OCS and Exchange 2007. The below screenshot shows how you can call someone’s voicemail directly from communicator.   Another screenshot shows the tighter integration with Exchange Unified Messaging (UM). In OCS 2007 RTM Office Communicator has the ability to Call the Voicemail. This is important…


What I like about OCS R2 thus far and some new R2 screenshots

I have been using the Office Communicator R2 beta builds internally for a few months and I have to say the OCS product team is doing a fantastic job thus far on it. A couple of things I really like right off the bat from an end-user’s perspective using R2:   1) Share Desktop Feature….


IBM Sametime Federation with OCS 2007 announced to today

This is some good news on the IM interop front. Announced at VoiceCon today: IBM and Microsoft plan to support interoperability between Sametime and OCS, commencing with Sametime version 8.0.2 and OCS 2007 IBM currently has a working system of OCS and Sametime in its lab IBM plans to make the supported interoperability described above…