This is getting personal: Volkswagen Group of America & Microsoft Lync

We’ve all seen how innovative technology can drive productivity, operational efficiencies, and cost savings – it’s a frequent story told amongst marketing departments throughout the tech industry.  However, rarely are we able to get a first-hand view directly from the end user, the one who’s life/work is truly changed by the adoption of
new technology inside an organization. That’s why, when the folks at Volkswagen Group of America decided to give Microsoft Lync a test drive, we wanted to ensure you had a front row seat!  

Follow the story all up, or see how the VWGofA employees (The Drivers), respond to changes in the way they get their work done and communicate with their colleagues. We’re tracking and consolidating all of their conversations at the Lync Test Drive. My favorite story? It’s got to be when Greg G., Chief Strategy Officer, used Lync and in-flight Wifi to stay connected, engage in a whiteboarding session, and keep his team and business moving forward all while on his flight from San Francisco to Detroit. If that isn’t a “productivity from anywhere” scenario I don’t know what is!  Here’s your chance to follow the story on your own, visit the Lync Test Drive to see what all the commotion is about.

 Angus Norton, General Manager, Information Worker Marketing (United States)

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