Office 365: The Best of Everything We Know About Productivity in One Cloud Service

Today, Microsoft announced Office 365, which we believe will define the future of productivity.  Office 365 is a new cloud service that brings enterprise-grade productivity to everyone - helping professionals and smaller orgs get access to enterprise-grade productivity solutions for the first time, and helping larger organizations reduce costs and stay current with the latest innovations more easily.  Office 365 provides companies a great new way to always have the best productivity experience on the market.  You can learn more about Office 365 on the new Office 365 blog and at the Microsoft News Center where you can also watch our global press conference announcing the new cloud service.

There are already millions of people around the world using Exchange Online, a key component of Office 365.  Customers like GlaxoSmithKline, Godiva Chocolatier, and Swedish Red Cross are all using Exchange Online today.  Plus, over 11 million students in thousands of institutions like City University of New York, and 700,000 students in the state of Kentucky are accessing their Exchange accounts online.

With Exchange Online, customers are accessing their email with the same familiar tools they have always used, Outlook, Outlook Web App and Outlook Mobile.  No need to learn a new interface, just view, sort, and send your email the same way you always have consistently across the PC, phone and browser.  And administrators who manage their organizations email infrastructure can manage their Exchange Online environment with the same, rich Exchange-based tools they have always used.  For smaller companies, who didn't have the expertise to run an Exchange Server, you now have easy access to the gold standard in email and calendaring capabilities with Exchange Online. 

The Office 365 Beta starts today. Get your spot at the Office 365 website starting at 12:00pm PDT.

For additional information on the new Exchange Online features coming in Office 365, check out Jon Orton's post on the EHLO blog.


Julia White

Senior Director, Exchange Product Management

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