Tech•Ed North America 2010: June 7-10th, 2010 (New Orleans, LA)

The Office Communications Group is really looking forward to TechEd next week. Usually it’s a ton of work to get all the decks complete and materials ready for the sessions, however, this time we get to talk to everyone about our ‘14’ release coming later this year, and it’s the first time we get to unveil all of what’s coming to everyone.


The event folks gave me the following two places where more information will be found:

Tech•Ed North America 2010 ( New Orleans, June 7-10th) is almost here. We will be disclosing Communications Server “14” features and functionality during the event.  You can catch Bob Muglia’s keynote and Gurdeep Singh Pall’s presentation on-demand at Tech•Ed Online (information below).   There will also be a full  Unified Communications track presented throughout the week (just scroll to the Unified Communications option in the track field). 

Tech•Ed Online: All Tech•Ed North America session recordings and PowerPoint decks will be available at Tech•Ed Online (TEO) shortly after the event is over. TEO is the online place for all Tech•Ed content and events.  Access to it will be available for free person regardless of whether or not you attend Tech•Ed.

So, while it’s a ton of work this time around, we are really looking forward to sharing the next release with our customers and showing them how they can delight their users with the product that the teams have being working on for so long.


I look forward to seeing folks there.



Yancey Smith

Director, Product Management







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