Energy Companies Filling up With ‘Premium’ Using Microsoft Unified Communications


Energy. We all need it, we all use it, and there’s probably no other industry sector out there that better understands the importance of squeezing the most out of precious resources. So what steps are they taking within their own organizations to be more productive in these tough times? For this month’s customer spotlight, we look at the energy sector and how Microsoft unified communications products are helping businesses in this industry conserve two important internal resources: time and money.


Genesis Energy, a Houston-based energy company, is always looking for innovative technologies to help reduce costs and increase productivity. When the company decided to relocate its headquarters into a different building, they were faced with the question of what to do with their aging PBX. Uprooting their outdated phone system and moving it to the new location was not an option.


Genesis’ IT department investigated their options for replacing their old PBX. After evaluating Microsoft’s offerings and several competitor products, Genesis decided to implement Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with Unified Messaging.


The result? Better use of resources:

·         Genesis will save an estimated U.S. $50,000 each year with reduced travel-related and communications-related expenses.

·         With more streamlined communications, employees have an easier time collaborating and communicating with colleagues.

·         Genesis’ IT department is able to more quickly respond to help-desk requests.


You can read more about Genesis’ experience with Microsoft’s unified communications solutions in their case study: Energy Company Cuts Costs, Boosts Productivity with Unified Communications


To see how other energy companies are saving resources with Microsoft UC, check out these case studies:


Schlumberger video case study: Oil and Gas Industry Leader Enhances Software with Unified Communications Solution

Royal Dutch Shell: Royal Dutch Shell Envisions Improved Working Environment with Unified Communications  

·         You can also find additional details about Royal Dutch Shell’s implementation of Microsoft unified communications solutions in this IDC white paper: Unified Communications in Manufacturing: Accelerating Decisions While Lowering Costs


All Microsoft case studies can be found here:



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