(Another) Survey Says: Exchange Is Clearly Leading Lotus Notes


The Register recently published an article on the messaging landscape entitled “The Messaging is the Medium:  Survey results are in”.   In an online research study looking at what messaging platform companies were running and how committed they were to them, The Register gathered over 1100 responses across different organization sizes: corporate (over 5,000 employees); mid-market (250-5,000 employees) and SMB (up to 249 employees).  In the end, the findings weren’t surprising to most, finding the Exchange has over 80% of the market in the corporate segment and 57% of the SMB segment.  These numbers are pretty in line with other analysts findings as well, such as Ferris who found Exchange had about 65% share across all organizational sizes.  Studies like these keep coming out showing the continued growth Exchange is having in the messaging marketplace.   With 11+ million Lotus Notes switchers over the past 3 years, an Exchange Online offering that’s off to a tremendous start, a Live@EDU offering taking the academic market by storm, and continued investment in Exchange both as on premises server and as a service as a part of Microsoft’s Software + Services vision, the future looks very bright competing against IBM and others to win many more amazing customers.  In fact, I couldn’t have said it better than The Register does, so I’ll leave you with a couple of great quotes from the article:


     Among corporates, the story is pretty clear; Microsoft is the platform of choice for over eighty percent of respondents while a large proportion of Lotus Notes/Domino customers regard their own choice as a legacy system.


     Despite attempts to refresh the Lotus brand with a combination of new Notes and Domino releases as well as a plethora of related products such as Sametime, Quickr, Connections and Symphony, it looks as if the ‘legacy’ tag is still hanging round IBM’s neck like a millstone



Brandon Hoff

Sr. Technical Product Manager

Exchange Product Marketing


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