R2 Arrives

Just over a year since OCS 2007 launched, R2 made its debut today.  Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft Business Division, hosted the launch event before a studio audience and thousands of Web participants from around the world.  Several customers joined the launch to share their experiences with UC and using OCS to cut costs and boost productivity.  .


Some of the impressive customer highlights include:


·   Sprint & Intel talk to Microsoft about their unified communications deployments, why software makes a difference, and how they’re using OCS to help cut costs.

·   Swisscom is reducing the time to generate customer proposals by up to 20%, lowering the company’s costs of developing proposals and improving its responsiveness to customer requests.

·   Lionbridge, a company with 4600 users, expects to save $1.3M in audio, web and video conferencing costs with Communications Server 2007 R2. 

·   Shell has over 150,000 employees on Communications Server IM and is already at over 8,000 users on Communications Server VOIP, with a plan to roll out much broader, and expects to retire over 200 PBXs over the next few years.

·   BFU is the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, a private foundation that provides safety advice to local authorities, institutions, and individuals.  With OCS 2007 R2, the 130 person organization expects to cut travel costs by CHF4,800 (U.S.$4,000) per month and cut IT administration costs by CHF1,000 (U.S.$860) per month by replacing e-phone servers with the Attendant Console.

·   Tieto is one of Europe’s largest service providers.  With OCS 2007 R2, this 17,000 person organization expects to cut travel costs by 15%.

·   RealPage is a software vendor for multi-property management applications.  With OCS 2007 R2, they are saving 3 million annually in travel expenses and more than $200,000 annually in customer support costs.  They also expect OCS to improve their customer acquisition, reducing costs by $60,000.


In addition, partners turned out in spades for the launch.  More than 30 partners announced new products and services, including more than 10 new phones and audio/video conferencing devices.  Read a summary of all the partner news here.


One of the things you’re not going to hear much about from today’s launch is perhaps the coolest.  Schlumberger, a leading oil and gas service company, builds a reservoir modeling software called Petrel.   Using the developer platform in OCS, Schlumberger has designed communications into the very fabric of Petrel.   Their thought leadership will allow customers to collaborate within the context of their modeling work – tapping into experts across the globe with the click of a mouse. 


What Schlumberger has done represents an exciting new direction for UC, where every application can have communications embedded within it just as SharePoint and Office do today.  But, there’s more that’s possible with OCS R2.  With the new developer tools, corporate developers and ISVs can build intelligent applications that enable seamless communications and collaboration – and really drive business results.  This is going to bring a new wave of communications-ready applications. 


You can view the launch, see more customer case studies, and access loads of content at www.ocsr2launch.com.


Justin Fenton, Senior Product Manager for UC

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Today, many companies are facing the same challenges: how to improve communications and increase productivity,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Today, many companies are facing the same challenges: how to improve communications and increase productivity

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