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We previewed our next major release of Microsoft Office Live Meeting today at TechEd. This proved to be an important milestone for us since we haven’t had a major update to the service in awhile. Customers told us they wanted to see new features in three major areas 1) tighter media integration 2) better e-learning features and 3) a more intuitive interface for meeting attendees.  The 2007 release delivers on all these areas, which we’re no doubt excited about.


The other really compelling thing about this new version of Office Live Meeting is that this technology forms the backbone for the server-based conferencing experience we’re delivering with Office Communications Server 2007, which is set to release to manufacturing this summer.  With either version of Microsoft’s conferencing solution – a server or a service – end-users have the same client, and customers can integrate 360 degree video using Microsoft RoundTable as well as use other off-the-shelf Web cameras.


Check out the Office Live Meeting screenshots here - image gallery and check back to the Blog for more information about this new release.


- Serhii Sokolenko

   Technical Product Manager

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  1. Tom Laciano says:

    The Java (light or web) client will not work with Office Communications Server 2007 meetings.

  2. ovlvmjjvpy says:

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  3. soabc says:

    Will the Java Live Meeting client work with Office Communications Server?

  4. Alisher says:

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  5. ScottF says:

    According to the official June 4th Microsoft Press release there would be an opportuity to sign up for a preview to Live Meeting 2007 by the "end of the month" on the main UC website.

    It’s now July 1 and still nothing but LM 2005 ??

    Did we miss something – we are very excited about the new features because we are an existing LM 2005 customer ?



  6. Serhii says:

    Here’s some additional logistical info on the Preview Center. Check out our Video Tour on the UC site if you want to see the new release in action before the upgrade email arrives (

    -What is it: The Preview Conference Center enables existing customers to create an organizer account so that they can evaluate the new version of Live Meeting in preparation for their conference centers to be upgraded from Live Meeting 2005.

    -When will it be available: The Preview Conference Center will be available from July.

    -How does a customer sign up: Existing Live Meeting customers (the administrators) will receive a series of email communications starting 6 weeks prior to their scheduled conference center upgrade to the 2007 version of Live Meeting. These communication will provide the customers with the necessary information to sign up for a preview account.

    -When will customer communications begin: The first scheduled customer upgrades for direct customers will begin at the end of September  and therefore the first email communications, referenced above,  will begin in early August.

  7. ScottF says:

    Thank you very much for the explanation.  We do consulting and are a Microsoft SI Partner in Silicon Valley and are experts in SharePoint, Office 2007, etc.  We "try" to move customers from WebEx to LM as part of our solution, but the features in LM 2007 are critical to that effort.  

    As an existing LM 2005 customer, is there any way to participate in the Preview Conference Center "sooner" than the migration schedule which we have zero control over ?

    The Microsoft PressPass release seemed to indicate beginning late June existing customers "could register" for a LM 2007 preview and you said above "- When will it be available: The Preview Conference Center will be available from July".

    Thank you for replying – we are extremely excited about the new functionality of LM 2007 but just want to prevent any more clients moving to WebEx.

    Best Regards,


  8. Joachim Farla says:

    Thanks for your explanation. We saw the Office Roundtable last week at our office and we are very excited about it. For more information on the RoundTable check my blog (Last week we are also Gold Partner in Unified Communications)

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