Office Communications Server Strategic Gateway Partners

The Office Communications Server Public Beta has now been enhanced by product offerings from Unified Communications Group’s strategic gateway partners. After IT Pros download the Public Beta, they will be directed to the Strategic Hardware Partners Resource Page  (


Gateways are a key component of Office Communications Server 2007 delivering software-powered VoIP that works with existing messaging and telephony infrastructures. By supporting the wide variety of legacy protocols and country approvals, gateways enable Office Communications Server 2007 to adapt to a global enterprise customer’s footprint and changing business needs. UCG has initially engaged with 3 strategic gateway partners – Dialogic, AudioCodes, and Quintum – as part of the Unified Communications Basic Media Gateway Program.  The program is designed to ensure that gateways conform to technical specifications and deliver ubiquitous connectivity, superior audio quality, great manageability and easy configuration with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.


Learn more about Gateway Partners and OCS Public Beta
Each gateway partner has developed complete websites to support the Office Communications Server 2007 Public Beta – including marketing collateral, technical support information, and ordering information.







- Kevin Engman

  UCG Community Lead

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have had a lot of questions asked about what hardware and/or service to use to connect Speech Server

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