AAD Guest User Invitation Redemption (No email required!)

A quick hack for adding guest users to Azure Active Directory (AAD) - also known as B2B (https://aka.ms/aadb2b) - without dealing with email invitations:

Quick scenario:

  • Invited user does not have email (yup - this exists...)
  • Invitation email is getting lost or taking "forever" to arrive
  • You are a member of the AAD tenant with sufficient privileges to invite users (see link above)

From the Azure Portal (https://portal.azure.com), open the Azure Active Directory blade.

  • Click in to the "Users and groups" blade under "Manage".
  • Then click in to the "All users" blade.
  • Either select an existing guest user or click "New guest user" from the action bar and type in the address of the user you are inviting and then select the guest user from the list.
  • Click in to the "Profile" blade under "Manage"

When the guest user was added, an email message was automatically sent out to the username/UPN provided in the creation step. You can verify the status of this user by observing the "Source" field in the "Profile" blade.


In our case, the status is "Invited user". We can click the "Resend invitation" button to generate the URL for accepting the invitation. This URL can then be immediately accessed (if you can authenticate as the invited user) or shared directly with the user.

Once the invitation is accepted, the "Source" changes to either "External Azure Active Directory" or "Microsoft Account" depending on whether or not it was an organizational account or a Live ID.

Comments (3)

  1. Charles says:

    Thanks Ty

  2. Paul says:

    Have you come across away where you can tell via Powershell whether an invitation has been accepted. The Get-AzureADUser cmdlet does not seem to expose the Source property. I’m looking for a quick way to find any guest invitations that have not been accepted. Currently its very cumbersome.

    1. Ty Mote says:

      Sorry for the late reply – I have not. I will ask if there is any other way to get this information from script or plans to introduce it if not.

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