Sales Gamification with Microsoft CRM Online

Hi Folks, Well this is another interesting segment of Sales Gamification with CRM online. Microsoft has acquired FanatsySalesTeam an innovative sales gamification platform to help organizations increase the sales productivity. You can get the solution from the CRM online itself. Open your office admin portal. Click on Admin where you can see all the applications admin…


Voice of Customer Surveys

Hi Folks, This is a new add on for Voice of Customer Surveys in Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. Enjoy more details shown here: Enjoy CRM!!!


Changing themes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Hi Folks, Hope you have explored the new options available in CRM 2015. One of the coolest features is changing the themes and the logo. This post will help you to quickly understand how to change the themes in CRM online: Navigate to Settings – Customizations.   Observe the new feature of Themes. You can…


Creating PDF notes programmatically in CRM 2015

Hi Folks, This post will help you in creating notes attachment into CRM programmatically.   // Open a file and read the contents into a byte array FileStream stream = File.OpenRead(@"c:\testfile.pdf"); byte[] byteData = new byte[stream.Length]; stream.Read(byteData, 0, byteData.Length); stream.Close();   // Encode the data using base64. string encodedData = System.Convert.ToBase64String(byteData);     // Instantiate…


Hosting Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your customers

Hi Folks, Are you trying to host Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your customers? This link will become handy for the complete documentation in setting up Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your customers: Hope this helps. Thanks, Vishnu


Diagnostics in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Hi folks, Did you know the fact that you can run the diagnostics within Microsoft Dynamics CRM online? All you have to do is change the URL of your CRM application and append with /tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx. For ex: If this is your URL: You can check the diagnostics by this URL: This will give…


.Bak file import into Microsoft Dynamics CRM online

Hi Folks, Recently I have encountered a scenario where the data has to be imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. Microsoft does not support import of .bak files directly into CRM online. So I have explored the other options which are possible to achieve the same. If you have a .Bak file with you and…


Get ready for the next release made simple for Dynamics CRM

Hello folks, Are you planning to implement something new with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? You can check out what is up for the next release in the following link: Very cool indeed and this will help you to be updated with the next releases! Hope this helps. Keep reading. Regards, Vishnu


Getting the Metadata of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Hi Folks, This post will help you out in getting the complete list of metadata of Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. For this first download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK from the following location: After downloading and extracting the file and navigate to the location of Tools, Metadatabrowser. Now here you can see two files…


Send Bulk Email and Monitoring using Code

Hi Folks, Here comes my next and an interesting post. This post will help you out to send bulk emails from your CRM application through .Net code. And wait it is not just about sending emails and you can monitor the status of the operation as well in your application. Open your Visual Studio and…