What happens to tenant data when my trial expires?

You might wonder what happens to the data when your trial tenant expires.

Trials live in the following phases:

  • 30 days active
  • 30 days in grace period
  • 30 days disabled

Subscription is then deprovisioned

During ‘Active’ and ‘In Grace’, the service is fully functional. Enrollment works, login’s work etc. Once the subscription hits the ‘Disabled’ state, nothing works anymore. It’s basically the final 30 days where the subscription data can be recovered .
Once the subscription is deprovisioned, the data isn’t recoverable anymore.

Once the final subscription (of any service like Office365 or Intune) is deprovisioned from a tenant, then the countdown starts to where that tenant is then deleted from Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD). The default used to be 75 days but could change to free-up tenant names sooner.


Comments (4)

  1. nick says:

    Does this also apply for trials of Azure AD Premium?

  2. Pieter says:

    Hi Nick, yes – it also applies to trial tenants.

  3. Michael Egbo says:

    good day, i just received a warning, saying i should update my payment info, how long do i have, i plan to pay within the next 48hrs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will we get an email when it expires? Thanks!

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