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With apologies to the late, great, Douglas Adams... 

I was commissioned by Microsoft Press to write the Resource Kit for Terminal Services, and I accepted after I'd lined up my co-author, Kristin Griffin, who accepted in a moment of weakness. After a lot of procrastination and hiding and inventing excuses and having baths, I managed to get about two-thirds of it done. At this point Microsoft Press said, very pleasantly and politely, that I had already passed ten deadlines, so would I please just finish the page I was on and let them have the darn thing.

The trouble with writing a book is that at some point it's got to end. This is especially true when you have an editor. (Hi, Vicky!) You write, and you write, and you write, and eventually it become the day when you can no longer avoid turning the book over to the publisher because your editor works on the same campus less than a mile from you and you can't avoid your office forever. Besides, we were going to go out for a beer when we finished the book, and I wanted to go. So we finished.

I'm kidding, but not entirely. The thing about Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 is that it's really big. It has expanded massively in scope from its form in Windows Server 2003. It now does a whole bunch of cool new things and touches the rest of the server ecosystem in cool new ways, and telling the story of both takes a while. I think we've done a really good job of telling it, and the cooperation of the rest of the Terminal Services team and other Terminal Services experts at Microsoft has been invaluable in getting us to this point. We just keep wanting to tell more.

One way to tell more is to write a second edition, and we hope to do just that. That takes a while, though, and new things come up far in advance of a second edition. The faster way is to post updates as they occur to us, and that's what we plan to do here. Look for more updates after the book's available in November of 2008, or sooner if we can't wait.



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