Changes Brought By Modern Media

When I was a kid growing up I recall the Sunday paper. Every Sunday-and for our family only on Sunday- we would stop by a grocery store or gas station to by the Sunday edition of our local news paper.  It was a tradition, or perhaps simply a routine, where my parents would learn about what political topics or news events happened in the previous week. They could occasionally watch the nightly news if their work schedule allowed it but reading the paper gave a measure of control on what would be read and in what order….which is something the nightly news couldn't give.

Fast forward three or four decades. We still have newspapers, and radio or TV news, but the importance and reliance on news papers is lessened. The change was brought about by a combination of technology availability and ingenuity. Of course I’m talking about the widespread use of personal computers or devices (any flavor of them: tablet, PC, laptop, smart phone) and a central network people can access from anywhere called the Internet.

The internet is our new media paradigm. You can watch “TV”, read the news, watch the news, or tell people about anything which has happened to you recently. An individual can use it as a forum to talk about their personal views or report on the news.

All of this information can be available to the entire world with the press of a button.

No longer do we need to wait for Sunday to get a paper and learn about our recent events both near and far. Now we can simply open our tablet or turn on our computer and start reading or researching whatever we want to whenever we want to do it. The pace at which we learn, communicate and exchange ideas is ever increasing.

A case in point is this blog post…..which was written in a few minutes and posted to the internet shortly after. Tiger Scouts, like the fine young lads below, live in an exciting time of great opportunity for knowledge and learning.


What changes will the next three or four decades bring?

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