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Infront EMC Isilon Management Pack

The Infront EMC Isilon Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2012 leverages the native SNMP discovery and monitoring and adds the following functionality to monitor a rich set of data from your EMC Isilon SAN:


Monitoring Pack For Remote Access 2012

Microsoft System Center Monitoring Pack for Remote Access helps you monitor the health and availability of computers configured for Remote Access server role and running Windows Server 2012.
System Center Monitoring Pack for Remote Access combines monitoring for DirectAccess and RRAS into a single management pack. Monitoring capabilities for DirectAccess have been enhanced to cover more components and encompass larger set of health scenarios.


Management Pack for Windows Server Hyper-V 2012

This management pack supports monitoring of Windows Server Hyper-V 2012 systems. This includes monitoring coverage of Hyper-V 2012 host servers, including critical services and disks, and Hyper-V virtual machines, including virtual components and virtual hardware.


Global Service Management Packs

This management pack enables the System Center Global Service Monitor functionality within System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1.


Monitoring Pack for Windows Server Backup

This monitoring pack will allow you to monitor status of windows server backup and recovery scheduled on the remote server machine.
Alerts are generated when error or warning is reported in the scheduled backup/recovery operation.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Management Pack

This management pack enables Operations and IT Management teams to more easily identify and resolve issues affecting the health of numerous distributed Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 installations. It lowers client support costs by surfacing critical statistics and alerts in context of running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 components. It also reduces IT management complexity by automating routine administration and providing basic actions for working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 components.


Security Monitoring for Endpoint Protection

The System Center Security Monitoring Pack for Endpoint Protection provides real-time monitoring of your Endpoint Protection clients by using System Center Operations Manager. Alerts can be configured for virus activity, firewall downtime, or update failures. In addition to real-time event monitoring, the Endpoint Protection Security Management Pack also provides automated response capabilities to remediate security related issues.


Monitoring Pack for UNIX and Linux Operating Systems

The UNIX and Linux Operating Systems Monitoring Packs enable discovering, monitoring, and managing UNIX and Linux computers with System Center 2012 – Operations Manager. They provide both proactive and reactive monitoring of the UNIX and Linux operating systems. The management packs monitor components such as processes, resources, and server agents. The monitoring provided by the management packs includes availability and configuration monitoring, performance data collection, and default thresholds.


WebFront for Service Manager

Optimized web access to Service Manager with a well-known interface provided by WebFront for Service Manager 2012. As a turnkey product extension for Service Manager, WebFront extends Service Manager to be accessed through a web browser with reliable and scalable web technologies hosted on the Microsoft Windows® Server platform. Service Manager Console doesn’t need to be distributed; instead the web browser can be used to access and work in Service Manager.



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TRM contributor this month was Matt Perry.

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