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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Games on X64 Update

Here’s how it is: [Update: The 64-bit Far Cry patches are now available from the link below – a 400MB game patch, *plus* a 400MB content pack for 64-bit systems. Got Bandwidth?] I was going to post about my agonizing decision to install a 32 bit OS on another drive at home, but while going back over some of the… Read more

x64: Windows XP x64 Edition Upgrade Offer

aka Double Your Bits For Free! That’s right – if you bought a Win32 version of XP and you’re ready to move to x64 on your AMD64 or Intel EM64T-based system, Microsoft are running an exchange program that lets you swap over. It’s still early days for the new OS, so it’s advisable to do some… Read more

.Net 2.0 Beta 2 Install – It’s not over ’til it’s over

I just installed the .Net Framework 2.0 Beta 2 runtime on my home x64 box, so that I could again run my happy little .Net utilities with 64 bit power. I’ve really, really been missing PasteOff – notice the lack of pics recently? Anyway, after the wizard had registered everything and presented its little Finish… Read more

x64 Compatibility

The theme for this week is compatibility, brought to you by the letters W and O, and the number 64. In the PlanetAMD64 forums and on their Wiki, we’ve been thrashing out some terms for games that run or don’t run under Windows x64 editions. My favourites so far are: x64 (native or enhanced) –… Read more

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil under x64

This doesn’t work, as the MSI is coded to only allow “pure” Windows 2000 or XP installations. Faux XP-From-Windows-Server doesn’t seem to cut it 🙂 As I was researching the problem, I noticed that PlanetAMD64 have set up a new Wiki, so I thought it’d be a good idea to use it to pull some x64… Read more

x64: It’s Lonely Out Here (But I Feel Powerful)

No TV. Latest casualty: DVICO FusionHD DVB-T card. No XP64 drivers now (and not for a while, at least). So I’m taking it out and lending it to a friend indefinitely. I built a (32 bit) Media Center PC the other week, so it’s not a total loss, I can still watch recorded shows… There seems… Read more

x64 Gaming

Since my upgrade to XP x64, I’ve been looking for patches so that my favourite titles can benefit from the extra-spicy new registers, and other cunning tricks. So far, I’ve found I have one game that can actually do x64 – Chronicles of Riddick. Which I’ll be reinstalling tonight. There were rumours of a 64-bit… Read more

My x64 Upgrade Experience

I hit a couple of niggles during the upgrade, which wasn’t really an upgrade as such (it was a fresh install). I went from a not-really-mildly-broken-by-my-last-set-of-upgrading-shenanigans Windows XP SP2 installation to an XPx64 installation, on an AMD Athlon64-powered Asus A8N-SLI (an Nforce 4-based board), avec Nvidia 6600GT (just the one, at the moment). I dropped… Read more