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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

I Make Things Happen*.

I am a genius (and humble to boot). Quickie: The latest twist on the RSS Feeds Du Jour is that EvenBalance just released a new version of PunkBuster for Joint Operations (caught during the morning catchup via Newsgator). Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but hopefully this one will support X64, and I can again play… Read more

B-Day (no, not bidet) for Battlefield 2

Well, Battlefield 2 is in my hot little hands right now. I had to get the CD version (3 CDs) because I don’t believe in preordering (it violates rule #1 of impulse buying, which is that if the goods aren’t miraculously present on the store shelf, I don’t pick them up and purchase them). Now… Read more

Aussie MSN Maps: I’m Ashamed I Never Knew

I’ve never really been interested in maps, as such. They’re in the “nice to have when driving” category for me, 98% of the time. On the subject, I’ve been a user of Whereis for many years, not knowing that there was an alternative for Australia. I knew about MapPoint as an API, but knowing of… Read more

RSS Feeds Ain’t Yet Prevalent Enough (so I made my own)

[Note: the new master article for the feeds is here. Check there first!] And there’s nothing like the tiny dose of repetitive strain injury caused by having to click through a few sites daily – just looking for updates – to spur you into action. Built from the tattered skeleton of my last foray into the dark and wretched existence… Read more

Creative’s x64 Driver Matrix

While surfing around for Zen Micro information, I ran across Creative’s Secret x64 plans for world domination, linked from their X64 FAQ page. And also interesting – a public Sharepoint site with their beta stuff on it: – very cool, I wish more manufacturers did something like that…. Read more

The Unending Quest For Drivers

I’m still manually going round-robin on a bunch of sites offering drivers for X64 systems that don’t have RSS feeds (or DVD Decoder stores for that matter, are you listening Nvidia? Nope, it’s still due in exactly 30 days), and I’m thinking there has to be a better way. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a… Read more

MSN Toolbar and Windows Desktop Search, Final Release

It’s all over the blogosphere already, so on the off-chance you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll link to the best wrap-up I’ve seen so far: Dare’s. To skip the commentary and jump right in: , and if you’re into PDFs (and others), the IFilter Addins are at I’m playing with it now on my work… Read more

Maybe Rory was Right? Missing my Xbox again.

Rory – in what was widely* hailed as the Worst Idea Ever – suggested that single-purpose well-optimized OSs might be an Interesting Idea. I tried to gently shoot him down with a soft, loving nuke or two at the time, but now, I find myself wondering if he was actually clinically ill, or a prescient speaker of the… Read more

Anand Looks at the Athlon64 X2

I cannot *wait* to get my hands on an Athlon64 X2. Multicore is my bag, baby. The Gaming performance page is here, keep in mind that the vast majority of games are currently single-threaded, and won’t benefit directly from having two CPUs. While there’s no direct Gaming Performance With Outlook benchmark, these come pretty close… Read more