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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Test Signing X64 Drivers

Well, I did learn a lot today! You may be familiar with the restrictions that Windows Vista X64 places on unsigned kernel-mode drivers (I was only vaguely familiar with it). This is new – XP64 (which I upgraded from) would warn but allow installation, from memory – WV64, the driver won’t load. There was a… Read more

DebugDiag 1.1 Released!

IIS Troubleshooters rejoice! If you’ve ever had an application on an IIS server do one of the following, this tool is for you:  – hang (or respond slowly) – crash (W3WP.exe terminated unexpectedly) – chew memory in the lead-up to a crash or need a restart on a regular basis (memory climbs, until it falls over, then memory… Read more

Netmon 3, Now With Added Blogging!*

Though it might technically be possible, it’s probably quite difficult (“quite” in the “very” sense) to blog from Netmon. Doesn’t stop us rolling out the most significant new version in, oh, years, and the Netmon team have started a blog with tips and things for the new version. It’s a ground-up rewrite, it’s all new,… Read more

PAE and VMM… For Parky

Well Parky, you asked, so I’m going to try to answer! The way I think about PAE is that it kinda works a bit like a stonking great in-memory pagefile might. It doesn’t change the game for 32-bit applications, but it does give the OS more headroom to manage them. Without PAE, any memory over… Read more Operations on x64

The Microsoft.Com Operations blog just posted about their experiences moving from x86 to x64, most notably the increase in performance they achieved by doing this. The numbers are compelling: To give you a quick comparison: X86 ASP  req/sec 7.85, Response time 244msX86 ISAPI req/sec 110.85, Response time 248msX86 Static req/sec 41.9, Response time 135msX86 Static (cached)… Read more

x64-friendly Smartcard Reader

I’ve had a Gemplus 430 USB card reader since we started using Smart Cards for RAS, all those years ago. Since the upgrade to X64 at home, I’ve been essentially VPNless. No X64 drivers. But finally, as if by magic, I came across (and successfully bartered for) a 433. I know X64 drivers exist for this. This makes… Read more

Ctrl+C In A Message Box Does What!?

OK, so now searching for this reveals it as a widely-known and somewhat ancient tip, but I didn’t know until this week. I can’t remember where I saw it. I can’t tell you how many hours this might have saved me over the years, because I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT YEARS AGO. Sigh. Ever faced with… Read more

64 Bit: It’s When, Not If

Harold raised the question, Clive riffed on it, and now I’m going back to the original question with this: At the moment, is it even possible to buy a performance chip that isn’t 64-bit capable? Any AMD Athlon64 or Opteron is AMD64-capable; Intel Xeons have been for a while, and EM64T is moving into their desktop offerings… Read more

No Scanner and Camera Wizard? (And a little on Remote Assistance under x64)

I despise digital cameras. My girlfriend constantly asks me to charge mine, although I have no intention of ever using it. It breaks down like this: Fun photo-taking duties: her. Charging and general maintenance – including downloading, storing, publishing and otherwise doing things with photos: me. I pray daily for the convergence of all portable digital… Read more