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My First Tablet-ish PC

Back in 1998, I bought a Cassiopea Windows CE 2.0 Handheld PC. It was just under half the size of my current infatuation (the P1610) used a fold-out form factor with a 640×200 screen (CGA hi-res!) had a small and fiddly QWERTY calculator-key-style keyboard, used an awkward serial port connection, was as monochrome as a gameboy, and had a touch screen built in…. Read more

Windows Vista Performance on P1610

How does a half-size PC perform, you ask? Let’s find out what Windows Vista thinks of the setup: Original score: 2.0 {2.7,2.9,2.0,2.4,3.7} Re-test today: 2.4 {2.7,2.9,3.8,2.4,3.7} I wonder what was behind the jump in perf between Setup and now… perhaps it was just busy, or there’s been a driver update?… Read more

P1610 First Impressions

I got my Fujitsu P1610 Lifebook care of Hugo on Wednesday, and I have a rather long post on it coming (I know, I could do a bunch of shorter posts, but that’d wreck my quality-is-not-quantity posting metrics for the month!). For now, I’d just like to say that it’s the best laptop I’ve ever used for… Read more

Why I Don’t Win Awards For Intelligence Very Often*

a) I always get the whole “sneaking” thing wrong in Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Ah tristank, you are so clever! A pun on Intelligence!) b) I just spent about, oh, two-and-a-bit hours on and off today working out how to get Outlook to look at the IE7 feed list. Let’s concentrate on my failure at (b) for the… Read more

Taking A Dump (file!) With Windows Vista

Note: Not sure if this is a feature that will make it into the final release, or if it’s there for testing while the product’s in beta; I personally would love to see it remain, especially in the Server version. Oftentimes, you don’t know you need to take a (memory) dump until the moment is upon… Read more