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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Anthology Of Interest

Okay, so there’s no interest here, but perhaps an anthology anyway. Yes I’ve been gone a while; another computer packed it in (this time without my own personal brand of assistance), I’ve been off to India (usually 5.5 hrs difference from Sydney, but we worked the night shift – 10pm to 4:30am in theory, we… Read more

Tip o’ the Week: WEVTUTIL for EVTX/EVT file conversion

This week, a pointer to a solution to a problem I occasionally hit. Windows Vista (and by extension Windows Server 2008, I assume) utilizes a new EVTX log format for event log exports. It’s XML-based, natch. Problem: Everyone’s Favourite Log Digestion Tool Log Parser uses system APIs to read event log exports, and the old .EVT event… Read more

Netmon vs Chimney

I recently encountered TCP Chimney for the first time in the wild. Short version: Chimney is an offload technology that allows the NIC to deal with up to X TCP connections, with any overflow being handled by Windows. All good: get the NIC dealing with more networky stuff, and reduce CPU use. Excellent! The reason it… Read more

Fear The Hand Of Non-Selection

One of those “remember it for when you need it” posts: On Tiny, I’ve been unable to select text in the Outlook preview pane for about a month. When I tried to select things, I’d get a not-quite-looking-like-the-web-hand hand instead of a selection bar, and it would grab at the document rather than just sorta sitting… Read more

Two New Updates for Aussie Windows Vista Media Centre Owners

The Media Center dev team have been working to address a couple of problems that have particularly affected some Australian Media Centre users, and we now have updates available from Product Support. While the fixes are available, the KB articles documenting them aren’t yet published (at the time of writing), but we’re working on getting them out as soon… Read more

IIS 7 – LH Beta 3 Launch Stuff

Tons of cool new things in Longhorn Beta 3 on the IIS front, including: … the first beta of our new FTP server.  This isn’t a part of Longhorn Server Beta 3, but it is available today and offers a lot of brand new features for you to experience today.  The new IIS7 FTP server includes secure… Read more

Goings On…

Quick catchups: While in Seattle, I talked with some folk about IAG and ISA 2006 – all I can say is *wow*. I’m downloading the demo VMs now to have a play. The other *wow* was SoftGrid. Architecturally, wow! I’m eager to learn more about that. While on the *wow* subject, I upgraded my parents’ PC… Read more

DebugDiag 1.1 Released!

IIS Troubleshooters rejoice! If you’ve ever had an application on an IIS server do one of the following, this tool is for you:  – hang (or respond slowly) – crash (W3WP.exe terminated unexpectedly) – chew memory in the lead-up to a crash or need a restart on a regular basis (memory climbs, until it falls over, then memory… Read more

Windows Vista FTW: Cleartype over RDP

One of the little things I love about Windows Vista is that I’m able to use the RDP client without The Jaggies. I use Consolas in Visual Studio and elsewhere, and as Jeff pointed out a while back, it’s just not built for non-Cleartype environments. I mostly use RDP on my home WLAN, but even… Read more