Sunsetting TMG with some (free!) Best Practices

Long and boring post ahead. So KITTENS! There. Fluffy now. As one of the Premier Field Engineers performing ISA Health Checks and then TMG configuration reviews (by default, from my long association with Proxy 2.0 and then ISA!), I was reviewing a document I put together for a customer just before shredding it, and thought:…


MSDEToText for TMG sometimes produces negative IP addresses

… which can be annoying when you're trying to work out where your traffic's headed, with something like LogParser. I fixed my MSDEToTSV (note, I renamed it so that it reminded me what format it produces – I only need to use it once in a blue moon), and I'm posting the fixed version here…


TMG Rollup 3 out now; so’s Mod_Security for IIS

TMG SP2 Update Rollup 3 As the ISA Blog mentions, Rollup 3 for TMG Service Pack 2 is now available: We are happy to announce the availability of Rollup 3 for Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 Service Pack 2 (SP2). TMG SP2 Rollup 3 is available for download here: Rollup 3 for Forefront Threat…


TMG SP2 Update Rollup 2 out now

Several reliability fixes included:   To install UR2, you need to be running SP2 (with or without UR1) already.