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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

RemoteFX (with Hyper-V) is a serious business tool. For games.

The Setup My downstairs PC (on the dining room table) is an HP Touchsmart all-in-one Core 2 Duo Intel Integrated Graphics 965-based box, which makes it absolutely abominable for games. Upstairs, my internet connection plugs into my Hyper-V host (actually, a TMG instance on it), and I’ve a sort-of-gaming PC set up next to that,… Read more

Every Windows Admin Should Know: Template User vs Mr Nobody

Raymond beats me to the punch (mine was going to be rant-i-er, but five times* as funny), on how the HKEY_USERS\.Default, despite having the word “Default” in the key name, isn’t “The Default User” from which all others are initially spawned. It’s possibly the most frequent misconception I’ve hit in the user profiles space (which… Read more

NLB Ain’t Application-Aware

It’s been ages since I touched on anything wibbles-related, but I realized I’d neglected a very common query: If one of my applications is under load, will Network Load Balancing route/move/transfer all the additional load to the other server? No. As long as the box still lives (or more specifically, the NLB driver is able to send heartbeats and receive… Read more

Windows Vista FTW: Cleartype over RDP

One of the little things I love about Windows Vista is that I’m able to use the RDP client without The Jaggies. I use Consolas in Visual Studio and elsewhere, and as Jeff pointed out a while back, it’s just not built for non-Cleartype environments. I mostly use RDP on my home WLAN, but even… Read more

KB Highlight: WMICore update for Windows 2000 SP4

If you like to live on the cutting edge of the previous version of Windows, there’s a problem that seems to creep up that I’ve seen in a couple of environments before. VBScript not working in a hanging-kind-of-way (possibly including ASP, definitely logon scripts, and typically just about any general scripty bits) is usually a dead giveaway that you’re running into this… Read more

PAE and VMM… For Parky

Well Parky, you asked, so I’m going to try to answer! The way I think about PAE is that it kinda works a bit like a stonking great in-memory pagefile might. It doesn’t change the game for 32-bit applications, but it does give the OS more headroom to manage them. Without PAE, any memory over… Read more

64 Bit: It’s When, Not If

Harold raised the question, Clive riffed on it, and now I’m going back to the original question with this: At the moment, is it even possible to buy a performance chip that isn’t 64-bit capable? Any AMD Athlon64 or Opteron is AMD64-capable; Intel Xeons have been for a while, and EM64T is moving into their desktop offerings… Read more

Terminal Server / Remote Desktop DoS Issue

Via TonySo: Our initial investigation has revealed that a denial of service vulnerability exists that could allow an attacker to send a specially crafted Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) request to an affected system. Our investigation has determined that this is limited to a denial of service, and therefore an attacker could not use this… Read more

Windows Server 2003 SP1 Automatic Updates Blocker

Like XPSP2 before it, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 is going to be distributed via Automatic Updates. The start date for automatic updates is July 26, 2005. If you’d rather move at your own pace over the next year, you’ll want to look at the Blocking Toolkit, and the following information: FAQ:… Read more

And the Windows Server 2003 x64 version is out there too!

Versions of Microsoft Windows for AMD64 and EM64T are now available: Windows Server 2003: MSDN Subscriber Downloads have both versions available now, under Windows Server 2003 and under Windows XP Professional (not the SP2 branch) respectively. X64 versions are built from the same code base as the 32-bit Windows Server 2003 SP1…. Read more