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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Wanted: New Tablet. Thin, light, quickish, immortal battery.

Requirements: Multitouch Active Digitizer (Pen support, preferably pressure-sensitive) Thin (Don’t need a DVD drive, and small bulk is important for travelling) Light (again, travelling) SSD-capable (for a later upgrade) 8ish hour battery life 4GB+ Integrated 3G TPM (this teeny little thing is really a license to demand wads of cash, isn’t it?) Plus, if at… Read more

Telstra HTC HD2 Connection Settings

The Shiny New Phone I bought an HTC HD2 sight-unseen from the Telstra online store yesterday, and the “five business days” for delivery worked out to be one in total. Score! With the phone as supplied, aspects of the phone are uncustomizable, and the Internet connection is one of those things. Most Internet-connecting items worked… Read more

Blog Chipolatas

So much to do, so little time. Moving RSS out of Outlook and into RssBandit means I spend less time reading my feeds each day, but my workload is high enough that I don’t usually get a chance to check it. Sigh. Anyway, rather than talk about what I’ve been doing, I’d rather talk about what’s coming… Read more

Aussie IT Pro Bloggers

Australian and New Zealand (iat?) IT Pro Bloggers. Update! Now all at – much less manual! Better for me!   Download / LinkThe OPML is here.   Fun And/Or Useful Things To Do With The OPML Upload it to Myw3b as a list of feeds…. Read more

PasteOff: Clipboard-To-Image-File Utility

PasteOff Strange New Disturbance I’ve been testing PjPic, and it addresses many deficiencies of PasteOff (multi-profile!). If you like PasteOff, you might like PjPic more. Or as well! Fiddling: PasteOff Image Saving Thing As I mentioned in my post about MSN Spaces, I’ve got this weird habit of wanting to save and convert clipboard bitmaps… Read more

The EBTDF Ninja Feature Award

Inaugurated in October 2004, the EBTDF Ninja Feature award marks a truly kickass (can I say kickass on MSDN?) feature. Each EBTDF Ninja Award recipient is listed below in the Hall of Fame.   The EBTDF Ninja Feature Hall Of Fame   Small Business Server 2003: Remote Web Workplace Got RDP Proxy? SBS2003 Does.   Virtual… Read more

Outlook Calendar Adapter for Blogwave

Your One-Stop Shop for the OLCalendar Blogwave Adapter. Usefulness not guaranteed. For now, an all-in-one version history (topmost is newest, natch), but later- who knows? General Notes: PubDate is set to the Start Date of the appointment. I haven’t found a good way of representing the end date in RSS yet; I’m messing around with… Read more