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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Xbox 2 Rumours

Right up front: I’m not on the Xbox team. I have no direct connection with the Xbox team. If you imagined the distance from Sydney to Redmond, and then doubled it, that’s still less far away from the People Who Know than I am. So, this is purely from the perspective of a regular, man-on-the-street gamer. The… Read more

Sweet: The Locomotion Demo is out! NB Getting the music for the demo costs 100 MB, beyond the 29MB used for the game and graphics (the small demo!). The music is good, and sets the mood nicely, but it’s perhaps not unmissable. It’s a time-limited demo (much like RCT before it) – 15 minutes of play time before you’re taken back to… Read more

Games: Only 10 15 More Sleeps until Locomotion!

… and then no sleep for a few weeks. I’m really, really excited about Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion‘s impending release. Intellectually, I know Half-Life 2 is due out soon, but I don’t care. Locomotion is what I’m waiting for. The Aussie Atari site says it’s 10 days out, and at an RRP of $49.95, I might… Read more