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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Xbox 360 Night for the Aussie Contingent

Yes, after four months of waiting, the Xbox 360 is finally going to be available. (And there was much rejoicing.) I’ll be lining up to get mine tonight, playing The Setup Game (aka Cable Conundrum), and then playing a lot into the early hours of the morning, when I’ll be yelled at for being so bloody inconsiderate… Read more

Blog Chipolatas

So much to do, so little time. Moving RSS out of Outlook and into RssBandit means I spend less time reading my feeds each day, but my workload is high enough that I don’t usually get a chance to check it. Sigh. Anyway, rather than talk about what I’ve been doing, I’d rather talk about what’s coming… Read more

Engadget XBOX 360 Hands-On

Peter Rojas’ article here: My favourite part was the comments, though. And of them, this one made me laugh: 36. Posted Oct 11, 2005, 3:01 PM ET by Mu Catty My friend works for MS and he saw what Sony can do with the Cell processor. He almost died on the spot when he… Read more

Dystopia Tomorrow…

(Australian time) Or today, US time. We are aiming to release the demo before 11:59pm GMT on 9th of September 2005. Here’s a few time zone conversions: 23:59:00 Friday September 9, 2005 in GMT converts to:16:59:00 Friday September 9, 2005 in US/Pacific19:59:00 Friday September 9, 2005 in US/Eastern09:59:00 Saturday September 10, 2005 in Australia/Brisbane… Read more

Dystopia Nears Release

One of the other GTSC guys popped up on the Friday over lunch at Tech.Ed, and told me I had to check out the Dystopia stand – cunningly incognito under the “MEDIA CASTING” pod banner. I hopped over to have a look (holding my pants up on the way) and got the run through from Tim,… Read more

My Holiday In Games

I picked up GTA: San Andreas before leaving Sydney, despite the system requirements being above the specs of the Latitude D600 (only 32MB video, and I’ve been forcibly coaxing newer Radeon drivers on for a while). Other than being unable to get into the Advanced display properties to re-set the resolution (I eventually ported the… Read more

I Make Things Happen*.

I am a genius (and humble to boot). Quickie: The latest twist on the RSS Feeds Du Jour is that EvenBalance just released a new version of PunkBuster for Joint Operations (caught during the morning catchup via Newsgator). Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but hopefully this one will support X64, and I can again play… Read more

B-Day (no, not bidet) for Battlefield 2

Well, Battlefield 2 is in my hot little hands right now. I had to get the CD version (3 CDs) because I don’t believe in preordering (it violates rule #1 of impulse buying, which is that if the goods aren’t miraculously present on the store shelf, I don’t pick them up and purchase them). Now… Read more

RSS Feeds Ain’t Yet Prevalent Enough (so I made my own)

[Note: the new master article for the feeds is here. Check there first!] And there’s nothing like the tiny dose of repetitive strain injury caused by having to click through a few sites daily – just looking for updates – to spur you into action. Built from the tattered skeleton of my last foray into the dark and wretched existence… Read more