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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows: Installation Experience

“Experience” is a lovely word for a corporate blog. Discuss. Anyway, my experience was that it didn’t work the first time round. That was at 7pm. it’s now 9pm, and I’ve just finished my first laps around Barcelona in RFactor, using the Wireless Racing Wheel and TrackIR. Awesome? You betcha! Easy? Not quite what I’d… Read more

My Weekend: Crackdown

 Gah! The whole weekend spent playing Crackdown! What has the world come to!? Crackdown does a bunch of stuff phenomenally well. I’ve had to think, I’ve had to react quickly, and in some areas I’ve just had to sandbag my way through. Climbing up the sides of buildings is great fun, and the puzzles involved –… Read more

Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver (for Windows)

It’s great that it’s finally out in the US… Not so good that I got back last week, dagnabbit! Now I just need to wait for Aussie availability, so I can play RFactor with Racing Wheel comfort until Forza 2 drops! Mmm. Racing wheel. Combine that with TrackIR, and you have a pretty interesting driving experience, I’m hoping! More on… Read more

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

About time! March brings us Aussies the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on. $249 looks like the magic number – nicely equivalent with the US RRP. Can’t wait to watch MI3 and Superman Returns… And Kotaku said it even ships with King Kong in the box! Awesome! I needed to type this sentence to make the formatting… Read more

Sick Day

My eyes just haven’t been the same since the tusk incident, and the medication seems to be making them worse. I’m typically the last person you’ll see away from the office, but with eye things, it’s better to not take the risk of spreading them. Still, British heritage, stiff upper eyelid and all that, so let’s… Read more

Xbox Live – Free Gold Weekend for Aussies

If you’ve got an Xbox and broadband but haven’t upgraded from Silver, give it a go! It’s free until 10pm Sunday. I’ve been playing Gears of War this week, and am *itching* to take it online, but my phone line decided to suddenly choke my ADSL connection on Sunday night, and Telstra didn’t get to fixing it this week…. Read more

I’m going to flee, I am.

To the beach, once more. Since going on holiday a couple of hours ago, I’ve:  – bought Civ 4 and Psychonauts from Steam (played the Psychonauts demo a while back, absolutely loved it, but didn’t buy it for a reason I can’t remember right now) (they’re peppering my DSL connection as I type)  – played the… Read more

August 31, 2006 (Australian Time)

Today: 1. Saints Row should become available locally for the Xbox 360. Liked the demo. On the subject, did anyone try out the Just Cause demo from Marketplace? That was really over-the-top latin american fun! I wonder if it’ll have Live capabilities, so I can scream things like “Miguel! You keeeled my braaathaaaar!” at my Argentinian friend*…. Read more

(Unwelcome) Realism in Games

Tycho (linked page contains harsh language) expands on something I’ve been unhappy about for years – my emphasis in bold: I was interested to read an interview with the man who designed Lara Croft, where he makes it clear that their Tomb Raidin’ gameplay – which is to say, the enclosed subterranean holes we associate most directly… Read more

So How’s The 360?

Fantastic. Incidentally – we were excited when we saw Big W had the premium pack for 628 on the launch Thursday, but Dick Smiths at Macquarie currently have the premium pack for 615 – 35 bucks off! My preorder was $650, but I got it at 20 past 12 on Thursday morning, so there were perks…. Read more